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Digital Transformation for GSE & Airport operations, Maintenance, Rental and Finance.

We live in a “need it now on our smart phones” world. Customers and staff expect real-time digital information everywhere, 24/7. pioneered the Realtime Digital Operations Cloud for mobile asset management. Our enterprise grade, white-label SaaS platform ingests IOT, GSE OEM and enterprise software data, delivering digital transformation tools that reveal deep business insights, automate operations processes and grow revenue.

Digital transformation for:
• Ground handlers & Airlines: increase productivity and OTP, reduce costs, emissions and capital expenditure; enhance GSE fleet procurement and EV transitions.

• GSE maintenance workshops: reduce costs, introduce real-time KPI performance benchmarking; deliver customers smartphone tools for breakdown reporting

• Airports: Create real-time digital performance KPI’s for facilities maintenance SLA’s; Grow new revenue: introduce GSE congestion charging, improve airline OTP, reduce carbon emissions.

• PRM: Improve PRM service levels: know the utilisation, location and availability of every wheelchair, buggy, bus and Ambulatory lift, 24/7: on the tarmac, at the Gate, or abandoned in carpark.

• GSE OEMs, Dealers, Rental and Finance companies: Differentiate brand, deliver customers real-time digital services via smartphone App or API. Increase revenue, service and parts sales, upsell customers on GSE utilisation. Introduce new finance and rental billin eg PayPerUse or pooled demand.

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Contact:   Mr Keith Oliver
Country: Canada