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At United Ground Express (UGE), we are focused on inclusion and empowerment within our company and in our relationships with our customers. We encourage all viable diverse-owned businesses to participate in our service provider selection process and take pride in opening doors of opportunity to all types of businesses. As we continue to grow, we have successfully employed over 4,500 charismatic individuals and have expanded to 60+ airports across the country. We continue to welcome customers, diversity, and aim to provide excellent service through:

• Ground Handling Services
• Aircraft De-icing Services
• Cabin Appearance Services
• Wheelchair Services
• Janitorial Services
• Ground Equipment Maintenance
• Into-Plane Fueling Services

At UGE we are looking to continue learning, continue improving, and continue to remain inclusive with the help of our current and potential customers. We make these commitments because we believe it creates value for our company, our employees, and our customers alike. It is consistent with our company values and is simply the right thing to do. We are UGE!

Country: United States