Exhibitor Manual

Opening hours for Exhibitors

Monday 22 June:
Set-up: TBC
Exhibitor drinks: TBC
Tuesday 23 June:
Set-up: 0830-1000
Exhibition Open: 1000-1900

Wednesday 24 June:
Exhibition Open: 0830-1645

Thursday 25 June:
Exhibition Open: 0900-1430
Breakdown: 1430-1600

Moving in:

  • Set-up day will be on Monday 22 June from TBC. Access before this time is not permitted due to health and safety reasons. 
  • Should you need any assistance during set-up a member of the GHI team will be on hand to help.
  • Parking - if you are driving to the venue,

Moving out:

  • Breakdown can commence on Thursday 25 June from TBC. Please note that exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle stands or remove exhibition goods before the designated time.


  • If you need to store any items whilst at the event, please speak to a member of the GHI team who will be able to assist you with this.

Food and beverage:

  • MBS have a strict policy that no external food or drink can be brought into the venue. If you have a special requirement, please speak to Libby. The venue does provide a food and beverage service, which you are able to purchase from in the additional items section below.

Exhibitor drinks:

  • As a thank you from GHI for supporting the conference as an exhibitor, we are hosting an Exhibitor Drinks Reception on set-up day (Monday 22 June). This exclusive exhibitor-only event is a chance for you to get to know each other and catch up with the GHI team before the conference starts. The Exhibitor Drinks Reception will be held 

How to make the most out of a GHI event

Below are our key tips for you to make the most out of each event:

  • Register your exhibition space early – this will give you early exposure on the GHI website
  • Register your colleagues early – when the personal page is launched, they will have access straight away to the meeting facility
  • Use the meeting planner on your personal page and add notes! From our experience, if you add a note to your meeting request, your request is more likely to get accepted
  • Read all correspondence sent to you to avoid missing any important deadlines or information


New this year, we have updated the VIP Buyers scheme to ensure the best possible attendees are in the exhibition room. We have made significant investment into sourcing new delegates whose focus is GSE and IT procurement, therefore the previous VIP Buyers scheme does not apply. Any unregistered Buyers who walk up during the event will be charged a day pass rate.

If there are any companies who you wish to meet with, that do not appear on the current delegate list, please email Libby or add any company names / contacts on your personal page via One-to-One Meetings > Meetings Management > Suggestions. ​

Raising your profile

GHI's Speed Networking - Meet the Airline & Meet the Ground Handler

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to meet with more airlines and ground handlers at a GHI Conference, but busy schedules got in the way? GHI’s Speed Networking Forums will boost your networking opportunities with attending airlines and ground handlers whose busy One-to-One Meeting schedules prevent them accepting meeting invitations.

Why take part?

• Make an acquaintance - introduce yourself or your business and swap business cards with buyers.
• Time efficient: meet up to five airlines and ground handlers in just 25 minutes.

When is Speed Networking?

Meet the Airline will take place on the 23 June from 1500-1600. Ten participating carriers will each host a branded meeting table.
Meet the Ground Handler will take place on 24 June from 1030-1130. Ten participating ground handlers will each host a branded meeting table.

How do I take part?

If you wish to take part in Meet the Airline or Meet the Ground Handler, please register your interest by emailing Alice and be the first to receive access to sign up when it opens. Both the Speed Networking sessions will be held in the Meeting Points area located just outside the exhibition hall.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. There are still a host of sponsorship opportunities to promote your brand, product or service to the aviation community in the Americas region.

To view the sponsorship opportunities still available, please click here.

Exhibitor insurance

It is a condition of the Exhibitor Table-Top contract that Exhibitors arrange adequate insurance to protect themselves and others attending the conference. The minimum limits expected are advised below: 

Cover Headings Standard Limits Brief Summary of the Cover
Exhibitor GBP 20,000 Loss of irrecoverable expenses sustained as a result of cancellation, abandonment, curtailment, postponement or removal to alternative premises; inability to open or keep open your stand/space due to damage to Exhibitor Property at the Venue, in transit to the Venue or damage to the Venue itself; late or non-arrival of Exhibits or of your staff/representatives; failure to vacate the Venue within the contracted time; reasonable additional costs and expenses incurred in avoiding or diminishing a loss; for reasons beyond your control.
Exhibitor Property GBP 20,000 Physical loss of or damage to property for which you are responsible, including exhibits, stands, displays, equipment, furnishings, stationery, promotional literature, being brought to the venue for the purposes of the Exhibition.
Exhibitor Liability GBP 2,000,000 any one occurrence Legal liability to pay compensation, legal costs and expenses as a result of accidental death or injury to a third party and/ or damage to their property at the Venue.

Submitting proof of your insurance liability

We strongly recommend that you submit proof of your public liability insurance as soon as possible. If you do not submit your insurance liability cover, we are unfortunately unable to allow the exhibiting company to set-up at the event. Please email your insurance liability to Libby.

Terms & Conditions

Click here to view the Table-Top terms and conditions.

Exhibition stand information

To view the exhibition floor plan, click here.

Please ensure we have the correct logo and company biography for your company as these will be used in our marketing materials. Your company logo will appear on area 'A' shown in the diagram below as arranged by GHI. If we have the incorrect logo or company biography, please email Libby.

Your Exhibition Stand:

Your stand includes:

Standard Equipment Quantity

Shell scheme panels:

2.5m(H) x 3m(W) x 0.5m(D)

Tables  1
Chairs 4
Spotlights 2

Electrical socket with power 

*Please bring the appropriate adaptors with you


Printing and additional orders

Ordering additional items:

  • To order any additional items, panel printing, carpet or internet please click here. For more details regarding printing, carpet and internet, please refer to the sections further down in this link.
  • If you wish to purchase any catering services for your stand, please click here.
Once you have placed an order online, we will review your order and send you an invoice for the fees. Should you have any questions regarding items from the catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

The deadline to order any additional furniture & panel printing will be the 15 April. Any orders received after the 15 April will incur an additional surcharge of 50% which is passed on directly from the supplier.

Printing dimensions:

Individual panel printing:
Digital print printed onto 1 panel wall (1mW x 2.5mH - direct mount). Frames will be visible
Printing dimensions: 950mm x 2380mm + 10mm bleed

**Please note that an exhibition stand is made up of 3 x back wall panels, therefore please submit 3 x PDF files of your artwork. It is advisable to attach with the artwork a sketch form, to verify the order in which each panel should be placed so that the prints are produced correctly.

Seamless panel printing:
Seamless printing on compressed foam: 3 meters stand: 3000mmW x 2500mmH with 10mm bleed

We prefer to work with Adobe Acrobat high resolution PDF files. Once you have purchased the panel printing through our link, please send your artwork to Libby. We can accept we-transfer, drop box or Microsoft SharePoint.

Please send PDF files in highest resolution possible (1.4 or higher).

Printing specification:

  • The printing file should be at the print size or a 1:10 scale with a bleed of 10mm at the final dimensions
  • No colour is set to overprint. This can result in false colours or loss of details in print
  • Logotypes and other graphical elements should be sent as vectorized PDF-files for best quality
  • Convert fonts to outlines or embed completely
  • Net format in the trimbox
  • Overlap in the bleedbox
  • Do not convert PMS colours to CMYK
  • Transparency does not need to be smoothed
  • Supply every item to be printed in a separate file


The carpet colour of the venue is dark red. You are able to purchase a different colour carpet for your stand via the additional items catalogue. To view the different colour carpet options click here.


General delegate WiFi will be provided for at the event free of charge, however the WiFi is only strong enough to support delegates browsing emails, internet etc. If you require the internet to VPN or to show clients videos, we strongly suggest that you purchase a dedicated internet line from the additional items link. Should you require any additional information regarding your internet requirements, please contact Libby.

Email Signature:

If you wish to download the 6th Americas GHI Conference exhibitor signature, please click here.

Product Demonstrations

Products demonstrations are a great opportunity for you to present your products/services to an audience at your stand. Delegates will sign up to your pre-scheduled demonstration to watch and learn how your product could work best for them. The aim is to allow potential buyers to get a hands-on experience of your product.

We are operating a number of 15-minute time slots throughout the event (Tuesday to Thursday). The available time slots are as below: 

Tuesday 23 June Company Wednesday 24 June Company Thursday 25 June Company
12:30 - 12:45   10:30 - 10:45   11:15 - 11:30  
12:45 - 13:00   12:30 - 12:45   11:30 - 11:45  
13:00 - 13:15   12:50 - 13:05      
13:15 - 13:30   13:10 - 13:25      
15:00 - 15:15   15:00 - 15:15      
15:20 - 15:35          

To sign up for the demonstrations, please email Libby with:
  • Preferred time slot
  • Subject of demonstration
  • Description of demonstration (max 100 words)
  • Name of presenter


Ground Handling International have appointed Premier Showfreight Limited as the official freight forwarder for the conference. Please see below the contact details for Premier Showfreight:

Email: joanne@premiershowfreight.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 3256 1278
Marina Bay Sands Mail & Package Centre

The Mail & Package Centre are located on the 3rd floor of the Convention Centre.

Mail & Package Centre – Operation Hours and Contact Information
Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday – Sunday/Public Holiday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Email: mailcenter@marinabaysands.com

Parcels and consignments can be sent directly to the Mail Room, located at Basement 4 of the Centre, where they will be received and thereafter stored in the Mail & Package Centre until the Licensee arrives on-site to receive the consignment, or alternatively, the Mail & Package Centre will arrange delivery to the exhibition halls and/or meeting rooms directly. Handling fees will apply. Worldwide outward courier services are also provided by the Mail & Package Centre.

Incoming Consignments 

All incoming consignments must be consigned as follows:

Label all the boxes with complete information:

1. Event’s name: 13th Asian GHI Conference
2. Recipient’s name and contact number:
3. Indicate number of boxes (E.G: 1 /4, 2/4):
4. Include: Level 4, Roselle Simpor Ballroom 4700 [Booth number]

You can then deliver it to the below address at:

Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd
Sands Expo & Convention Center
10 Bayfront Avenue, Basement 4 Mailroom
Singapore 018956

The following handling charges are applicable for your consignment:


0-20kg                  - $25.00
21-40kg                - $35.00
41-60kg                - $45.00
61-80kg                - $55.00
81-100kg              - $65.00
≥100kg                  - $1 per kg

Handling charges includes the following services:
1. Consignment processing
2. Storage at Mail Center up to 7 days
3. Delivery to exhibition booths / meeting rooms
4. Collection of bulky empty boxes for storage

All prices are in Singapore Dollars and inclusive of 7% GST

Outgoing Consignments

All items which need to be returned, please inform a member of the GHI team on site that you have a shipment which needs to be returned. We will then arrange with MBS for your packages to be collected from your stand. Please note that the handling charges listed above will also apply for the return shipment.  

To ensure safe receipt of consignments, please ensure that the following details are provided to the Mail & Package Centre, in advance:  

1.            Licensee Details
2.            Consignment Details
•             Tracking or Waybill Number
•             Quantity of Packages
•             Weight of the Consignment
3.            Delivery Location, Date & Time
4.            Billing Arrangements
5.            A processing & handling fee will apply to all incoming consignments.
6.            All incoming consignments must be arranged under ‘Freight Prepaid’ and duties / GST / taxes must be borne by the shipper. The Centre will not accept any consignments under ‘Freight Collect’ and in cases where the duties / GST / taxes are under recipient’s account.
7.            The Centre will not accept any Cash-On-Delivery consignments on behalf of the Licensee.
8.            Incoming consignments must reach the Centre no more than 7 days prior to on-site receiving date of the Licensee. Storage charges will apply for consignments kept in the Centre.
9.            If consignments require special handling or special storage facilities, the Licensee must communicate this request to the Centre prior to effecting shipment. The Centre will consider the request and try to accommodate wherever possible.

Ground Handling International will not be responsible for storing any shipments nor hold any responsibility for return shipments.


Furniture & Panel printing deadline: TBC (thereafter a 50% surcharge will be applicable)
Company biography and logo: TBC
Submitting proof of insurance: As soon as possible

Contact information

For any questions about your exhibition Table-Top stand please contact:
Libby Swayland
Senior Operations Manager
Tel: +44 1322 626973