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In the fast-paced airport industry, it is imperative that ground support equipment is reliable, effective and efficient. A rise in logistical requirements makes the need for safe and long-lasting machinery, technology and  software tools increasingly important for airports and airlines. Our objective is to  provide not only products for a wide range of airport necessities through our outstanding Goldhofer product line and our trusted strategic partners but also best consulting and services.

When you want flexible options that merge advanced design with state of the art engineering, look no further than Goldhofer. From conventional and towbarless tractors to baggage and cargo equipment, we provide you with safe, dependable products that meet the needs of the ever-changing airport  industry. When purchasing a piece of airport technology equipment from Flite Line, you will benefit from our outstanding service, years of experience and widespread knowledge of the industry.

Our strategic partnership with Guinault, provides us with the ability to supply ground power units (GPU), air conditioning units (ACU), ACU/GPU combos, and a variety of additional GSE to our customers. Additionally, our brands Rheinmetall, Safran and Tesco give us a portfolio of top-quality products to support nearly all ground procedures conducted at airports throughout the Americas. When time and safety are of the essence, trust in Flite Line to provide solutions that will get the job done.

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