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Founded at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in 1996 by Marc Desnoyers and Dave Norris, Jetstream Ground Services has delivered a variety of outsourcing solutions throughout the country. Serving some of the nation’s busiest airports, Jetstream is a leading provider of ground handling services, aircraft appearance services, and cargo handling with a reputation for consistent excellence in training, performance, and safety.

What makes Jetstream a success? Our commitment to listening to our client’s needs and delivering beyond their expectations.

The airline industry depends on airport handling services to keep schedules running smoothly and to ensure the safety and well-being of each passenger. Our ability to provide high levels of unique personal service is predicated on our ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry. It’s easy to see the Jetstream advantage when you consult with our team of aviation professionals for all of your operational needs. From improving punctuality to making the skies a safer place for everyone, Jetstream and our management team should be the first choice to meet your goals and objectives.

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