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Tesco Equipment is a leading supplier of aviation and industrial lift systems, supporting both domestic and international industries worldwide.

Our aviation systems support an array of aircraft, ranging from regional jets to the Airbus A380. Applications include catering, cabin service, maintenance, passenger boarding and ambulatory. Our Industrial systems support construction, oil and mining, as well as municipal markets, both domestic and international. These applications include roofing, transportation, oil field, mines, municipal signs and signals.

From conception to implementation, we pride ourselves on targeting the key elements that make up a robust product. Tesco’s commitment to product and service are central to our strategy that allows us to meet our customer’s requirements with dependable operation and reduced product life cycle costs.

Tesco design engineers build all lifts according to ANSI and SAE standards. The ongoing relationships with our satisfied customers result from our quality products. Although customers say our products are robust, trouble-free and meet or exceed their quality requirements, Tesco is always striving to improve.

While continuing to focus on our core products, Tesco is developing an expanded line of aviation access equipment that complements our product offering. These include self-propelled stairs, ambulatory vehicles, aerial maintenance trucks and maintenance stairs.

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