4th Americas GHI Conference Programme

26 June 2018

Growth forecasts for the aviation markets in North America and Latin America are among the best in the world. Yet, acute workforce attrition in the North and infrastructure gaps in the South means there are some seismic barriers to overcome on the apron before growth can be realised. GHI invites conference delegates to submit their top operational concerns of the moment and invites a panel of handlers, airports and airlines to come up with some solutions.

Send us your top concerns and comments about aviation in the Americas: email max@groundhandling.com


LCC JetBlue describes how adopting a more strategic approach to GSE fleet management with its ground handling partners in the Americas has delivered significant performance improvements at stations. The session will discuss the requirement for technology-led safety enhancements on JetBlue-owned GSE and how the airline achieves buy-in from its handling partners for the use of safety enhancing automation.


What are the best measures for ground handling business success and how do operators ensure their chosen KPIs guide the everyday behaviour and activities of employees?


A leadership coach and former aviation professional will reveal how great leaders can maximise a competitive edge through the acquisition of talent that knows how to operate within an evolving global, cross-cultural and cross-generational environment. But what is a great leader? Are they born to lead or can you become an inspiring boss by swotting up on the self-help management books?


GHI’s new Meet the Airline Speed Networking Forum aims to boost your networking opportunities with attending airlines, whose busy schedules may not permit all of their formal One-to-One Meeting requests to be accepted. The format will offer delegates quick-fire introductory slots with carriers and the chance to swap contact details.

Fancy taking part? E-mail: alice@groundhandling.com

5:30 PM -
8:00 PM

27 June 2018

What’s the latest M&A and new business opportunity in the maturing North American and rapidly expanding Latin American regions? Where are the big growth markets - and how do handlers seize them?


How does Miami International Airport work with its resident ground handling operators to manage the peaks and troughs of flight schedules? This session will look at stakeholder collaboration and innovation to improve service delivery and customer service and reduce congestion-related delays.
Speaker TBC

ICF reviews the aviation market performance of South America. The session will pinpoint the growth hotspots and look at the business opportunities of LCC growth and deregulation in many of Latin America’s leading regions.


From workforce relations in a unionised environment to the rights of employees to report safety concerns free from retaliation under AIR21 aviation safety whistle-blower claims.


With obesity on the rise, ageing populations, tighter flight connection times and growing complexity of airports, aviation stakeholders are under ever increasing pressure to develop a PRM system that can cope with the strain. This session will invite airlines, handlers and legal experts to explore the PRM dilemma and formulate a business plan to cope with the challenge.


With some ground handling operators reporting attrition levels of 100% at last year’s 3rd Americas GHI Conference, Desiree Perez, business strategy coach and former aviation manager will discuss practical steps ground handlers can take to boost their staff retention. The session will discuss reward and recognition on a budget and invite delegates to submit their own scenarios for discussion.  Send your thoughts to max@groundhandling.com

Colombian airline, Avianca will discuss their criteria for selecting GSPs in the region and galvanising new market opportunities in partnership with handlers.


A group of Latin America’s top operators discuss a blueprint for seizing the region’s growth potential. The session will discuss infrastructure, stakeholder collaboration and co-ordinating activity across such a large and diverse geography.

28 June 2018

Rohit Tomar of KPMG explores how blockchain technology could revolutionise the ramp.


Plato Thompson will reveal how Caribbean Aircraft Handling goes beyond competing simply on price to put its FIRST values (Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Safety and Teamwork) into practice. Thompson will explain the benefits of this principle-based approach on business performance and long-term relations with airlines in the Bahamas and across the Caribbean.


What are the game changing developments in GSE to look out for over the next five years and how will they make the ground handling manager’s job easier? GHI invites leading equipment suppliers to give their insight.