Product Demonstration: Evionica: Digital LI/R: The future of Load Control and Ramp Communication

29 March 2022 13:10 - 13:25

While safety and on time performance are playing an important role in airline and ground handling operations, the development and availability of software solutions to improve turnaround process and synchronise communication between key stakeholders is vital for the mass and balance process.  Evionica, well-known for its fast and easy-to-use passenger and cargo airlines mass and balance solutions, has developed a mobile app for Digital Loading Inspection/Report (LI/R). This new solution for ground handling operations aims to accelerate data exchange and simplify the decision-making process. It enables real-time synchronisation and communication between Load Control/Pilot and Ramp Agents/Loadmasters. Meet us to find out more.

Michael Lesniewski, Managing Director, Evionica