Stakeholder collaboration in steering a successful restart – a Caribbean Airlines case study

31 March 2022 11:45 - 12:15

This case study will explore CAL’s journey to restarting operations in partnership with the state, the relevant airports and by extension the ground handler.

The session will explore the challenges of a 16-month border closure at its home base and working with ground handlers to respond to the sudden demand for the restart of operations with limited lead time. This was mitigated with remote training and certifications with shared resources from both CAL and the Ground Handlers. However, the pandemic break outs impacted the ability to continue this trend hence the inability to capitalize on increased revenue opportunities. The milestones kept shifting and with uncertainty remaining into 2022 – this session will reveal how CAL plans to work with ground handlers with more focused collaboration and joint objectives this year to drive the restart.

Nirmala Ramai, Chief Operations Officer, Caribbean Airlines