Speed Networking

Introducing GHI's Meet the Airline Speed networking forum

Have you ever wanted to the opportunity to meet with more airlines at a GHI Conference, but busy schedules got in the way?

Boost your access to key carriers and make the most efficient use of your time by registering for GHI's new Meet the Airline Speed Networking forum.

The forum is designed to provide you with additional, high quality networking with airlines, whose schedules make it impossible for them to accept all of the formal One-to-One Meeting invites they receive pre-conference.

Sign up for Meet the Airline and you will have the chance to request quick-fire introductory slots with up to five carriers. These speed meetings will provide the platform for making a personal acquaintance, swapping contact details and opening the door to more in-depth discussions at future GHI Conferences.


Why take part?

  • GHI's Meet the Airline will boost your networking opportunities with attending airlines whose busy One-to-One Meeting schedules prevent them accepting meeting invites using our traditional One-to-One planner.
  • Make an acquaintance - introduce yourself or business and swap business cards with airline buyers.
  • Time efficient: meet up to five airlines in just 25 minutes
Speed networking

How will it work?

Meet the Airline will take place from 4.30pm - 5.30pm on 29 June. Ten participating carriers will each host a branded meetings table.

Meet the Ground Handler will take place from 4.30pm - 5.30pm on 30 June. 6 participating ground handlers will each host a branded meeting table. 

You will have the opportunity to bid for meetings with a maximum of five attending airlines as part of your pre-conference sign up. Meetings will last 5 minutes. Your final schedule will be confirmed by the GHI team in advance.

On the day, you will be escorted to your host airline and meetings will commence on the GHI team's whistle. When the five minutes are up, the whistle will sound again and you will be invited to move on to your next meeting table. Once all of the meetings are complete, we will invite all of our participants to share a drink and continue the conversation at our networking parties.

“The Speed Networking experience was enjoyable and very effective! Thanks for trying something new.”

Hawaiian Airlines

“It's a good session to meet new companies and people for an introduction.”