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Global Aviation Services

We specialize in superior quality AVIATION GROUND HANDLING including (but not limited to) passenger services, cabin cleaning (Turns, RON’s and Deeps), aircraft exterior wash, aircraft interior detailing, ramp ground handling services and additional manpower provisioning for any or all of the above services.

Ready to work with all prospective clients, we are always focused on enhancing the quality and range of the services we provide.

Check out all the ways we can help you be the best – as we go ABOVE and BEYOND to consistently deliver Above our competitors and Beyond our customers’ (and YOUR customers’!) expectations.

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JBT Aerotech - Cargo Content Sponsor

JBT is a leading global supplier of customised solutions and services for high value applications in air transportation. JBT ground support equipment includes Commander, Ranger, Halverson and Atlas cargo loaders, transporters, Tempest de-icers, Lektro towbarless tractors, pushback tractors, mobile passenger steps, beltloaders, JetPower ground power units, JetAire conditioned air equipment, Jetway boarding bridges, iOPS asset monitoring systems, together with baggage/facilities operations monitoring and maintenance systems. JBT emphasises value for its customers with designs featuring ease of operation, ease of maintenance and a low total cost of ownership. JBT – for the perfect turn.

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Damarel Systems - Innovation Content Sponsor

For ground handlers, airlines and airports, Damarel’s software is at the heart of operations worldwide, helping lower costs and improve efficiency through effective IT. Our passenger processing and ground handling solutions will help you maximise your company’s potential.
Visit us on booth E60 to discuss FiNDnet, a fully integrated suite of products that provides a comprehensive ground handling solution. FiNDnet delivers exceptional turn management, demand planning, service recording and billing to ground handlers around the world.

Come and talk to us about the newly released FiNDnet Shift Optimiser. This easy-to-use module turns your resource demand plans into optimised shift patterns at the touch of a button. FiNDnet Shift Optimiser is fully automated to save management time and simplify the effective use of staff – reducing the cost of over-staffing and the headache of under-staffing. FiNDnet reduces costs, improves performance and increases revenues.

Use of the cloud and mobile devices is driving a fundamental change in how companies access IT. Damarel offers new generation hosted and mobile options for a range of solutions, including FiNDnet, L-DCS, EMBARKmobile and Aura Common Use. Let us show you how you can save on infrastructure and fixed equipment costs.

Damarel is a specialist software house, at the forefront of developing mission-critical systems for airport operations. Our sole focus is automating passenger and ground handling processes, using IT to deliver outstanding business results. The company has over 25 years’ aviation experience, understands the pressures facing businesses in this sector and delivers cost-effective solutions that work.

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TCR is headquartered in Zaventem (Brussels Airport, Belgium) since 1999. TCR’s GSE solutions and pooling offer encompasses GSE rental, repair & maintenance, fleet services management including telematics and fleet consultancy. TCR is the leading GSE operating lease company in the aviation industry and is active in over 140 airports and 21 countries worldwide, managing a total fleet of over 35,000 GSE units. After the initial rental period, the GSE is remarketed and available for sale as it is or refurbished up to the customer requirements.  

TCR North Americas is headquartered in Detroit (Michigan) and has successfully started operations in Detroit and Boston since 2019.

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ASA - Airport Services Association

The ground handling industry is the foundation of air transport. Ground handlers support passengers throughout every step of the airport journey and are indeed the hidden champions of the sky. Everything we do, below and above wing – from check-in and boarding to aircraft fueling, towing and de-icing makes air travel possible! No plane can take off without us.

Airport Services Association (ASA) is the globally recognized trade association for the independent ground and air cargo handling industry and is the voice of the 1.6 million men and women who service the aircraft on the ground.

At ASA, we are determined to get the message across; independent ground handling service providers (GHSPs) make up over half of this wonderful business, and as such deserve recognition. We are working constantly to strengthen the reputation of the ground handling industry and advance the interests of our sector.

There has never been a better time to join a trade association! In the increasingly complex aviation landscape, ASA unites members to provide a platform where our independent companies can drive change, influence the industry and promote safety and quality at our airports.

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The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA for its name in Spanish) is a private, non-profit organization at the service of the aviation industry, whose mission is to develop a safer, more efficient and environmentally responsible air transport in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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