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DOLL SAS Safe Approach System
The DOLL SAS system uses a 3D camera to detect the distance between the vehicle and the aircraft in real time. At the same time, the sensor system reliably detects any object that enters the danger area and triggers an automatic stop of the vehicle at 0,5 m of any potential obstacle. In addition to the camera images, the large display in the driver’s cab also provides the operator with information via symbols and plain text messages.
DOLL OCS Operating and Control System
The innovative DOLL operating and control system. Based on intelligent CAN bus technology, this system is designed to help you monitor and control your vehicle simply and safely. Two-hand operation system prevents unwanted operating errors. Easy to operate: illuminated buttons with confirmation messages on display. Intuitive display: key information is clearly shown on the colour display. Precise operating instructions in the form of a plainly written, step-by-step guide.

Vision X Screen
The benchmark for user-friendliness and driver support: the innovative operating and control 12 inch screen in the driver‘s cab. Based on intelligent CAN bus technology, it is used for simple monitoring and safe operation of your vehicle. Color icons and real-time graphics clearly show your operators the current state of your vehicle. Stepby step instructions simplify central work processes. This means: You save time and protect your employees from operating errors.

DOLL RDS Remote Diagnostic System
With the DOLL RDS Remote Diagnostic System, we deliver DOLL Service wherever you are – without actually being there. Through our remote access system, we can access the electronic systems directly, repair the fault and get your vehicle up and running again in no time. This wouldn't be possible without the intelligent CAN bus wiring that we install in all of our vehicles as a standard feature.

100% Zero Emission highloader superstructure
Start improving your global footprint. Reduce your total cost of ownership.
Anticipate the future today. And choose DOLL zero emission – the emission free catering truck solution that is going to revolutionize the business. For you a DOLL zero emission vehicle works just like your regular catering truck, unlike the superstructure and refrigeration unit are 100 % electrical driven. A fast charging high-performance battery pack keeps your cooling unit running and feeds all the hydraulic functions - including the scissor. To extend the autonomy on the tarmac and to produce your own energy during operation to optionally available solar panels are integrated into the body roof.

Features and benefits
- 100 % emission-free process on the aircraft
- ROI in only 3,5 years
- Lifetime* savings of up to 110.000 €
- compared to an ordinary vehicle
- 349 tons of CO2 savings with every vehicle for the entire lifetime*
- Up to 11 aircraft operations with a fully charged battery

The values have been calculated for a two shift daily operation for the climatic conditions in central Europe or the US.
*Lifetime = 15 years

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Contact:   Mr Gunter Schwarzenbach
Telephone: +1 732 722 7002
Country: United States