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NORTHERN AIR SYSTEMS is the only PCA manufacturer with decades of experience in specialized air conditioning design and manufacturing. Our expertise in demanding environments allows us to offer cutting-edge improvements for Ground Support products. 

Northern Air Systems TruTemp™ Pre-Conditioned Air Units are completely self-contained and can be diesel and/or electric powered for conditioning passenger aircraft cabins.  The superior design of Northern Air Systems TruTemp PCAs provides a constant 32°F to 34°F airflow without a defrost cycle, allowing for better constant concentration of cool air flow to the aircraft. 

Northern Air Systems TruTemp PCAs can be ground mounted, cart mounted for tug or other vehicle towing, or bridge mounted, and we only use state-of-the-art control systems and Industrial grade components for the highest reliability and longest life.

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Telephone: +1 585 594 5050
Country: United States